About Us


Greenlance Energy Pvt. Ltd is a renewable energy services provider i.e. we facilitate transition to renewable energy electricity units through our ‘Solar Power Plant as a Service’. Greenlance offers a distinct RESCO OPEX Model that’s simple for anyone to understand, saves them money and is 100% Green. The innovative model:

  • Facilitates increased adoption of Solar via “Pay as you Go” model for our clients with a modest deposit and source 100% renewable power.
  • Assumes end to end responsibility and performance risks, complete stack of managed services bundled in which includes Maintenance Services, Insurance (inclusive), support and remote monitoring with no hidden costs.
  • Has a fixed solar tariff for the entire tenure of the agreement providing protection to customers from price increases.
  • Guaranteed minimum 30% - 35% savings over current electricity spend.
  • We give customer the chance to channelize the energy savings of the initial few years and be the owner of his own energy requirements by creating a clear path to ownership without having done the initial capital outlay.