Solar Farms

Open Access

At Greenlance, we can meet all your business’ electricity needs by supplying you solar power by setting up private solar farms. We undertake complete turnkey solutions from feasibility study to commissioning, wheeling power through the grid to your facility. Open access power tariffs are much cheaper than grid tariffs. Moreover, this model does away with the limitation of onsite solar installation as it is a scalable option which is not constrained by availability of space at your facility. With open access power, you begin to enjoy affordable solar electricity from day one.

There are many reasons businesses such as yours are considering renewable power over previous fossil fuel-based models. For industrial and commercial consumers, open access power translates into regular electricity supply at a lower cost, while also helping reduce their carbon footprint.

Group Captive

Under the group captive model, a project is developed for the collective usage of one or many corporate buyers.

Greenlance will set up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for group captive wherein the corporate buyer(s) holds only 26 percent of equity in a project and needs to collectively consume at least 51% of the power with the PPA.

Greenlance will take complete responsibility for building, operating and maintaining the project.