Guided by the Greenlance values and vision of creating a better tomorrow, we are committed to environmental excellence, sustainable project execution processes and ensuring health and safety of its dynamic workforce.

Defining a Company's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Score: These three key areas of environmental, social and governance are used to measure the sustainability and ethical impacts of an investment within a company. ESG ties in with socially responsible investing (SRI) Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are an increasingly popular way for investors to evaluate companies in which they might want to invest.

Trees Planted

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Tons Of CO2

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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR -Partnering with Corporates for their CSR spend to execute projects in renewable energy space

Corporate Social Responsibility

Planning your next CSR Project?

Driven by values of innovation and sustainability, Greenlance Energy drives the adoption of clean and renewable energy use to meet growing energy demand.

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CSR with Solar

Why you should choose Solar?

Solar power generation is the answer to bring about this much-needed change in our society. And through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), solar energy can now reach every nook and cranny of India. Solar power projects have become the most sought-after CSR activity among leading companies.

Why Solar?


Electricity can support education initiatives. Schools can implement solar projects on their rooftops and save vital operational costs which can be better utilized. Further, the unique model of Greenlance enables rapid adoption with zero capital expenditure.


With every single solar power system installation we are helping preserve the environment for the future generations. As it currently stands, the lifetime of a rooftop project of 100 kWp can offset upto 3600 tons of Carbon dioxide emissions saving 1440 tons of coal; which is equivalent to planting 3,00,000 trees.


Our solar projects have provided several employment opportunities among the urban poor classes of our society. Thus, creating domestic employments in locations of our projects.

Transitioning to a greener world

Existing technologies can save more than two third of energy consumption in buildings

Global Alliance for Building & Construction Status Report 2016

Global Green building to double every three years

World Green Building Trends 2016

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