Team Detail

Yomesh Rao


Yomesh Rao Started with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering has almost 24 years of operational and strategic experience in the real estate and construction industry across India.He Subsequently Studied Law and is a Law Graduate an LLB and LLM, Masters in Law in Environmental Law.

He is presently Hon. Secretary of PEATA -Practising Engineers, Architects and Town Planners Association, He is the Chairman of CVSRTA & Member of Institution of Engineers. He is also a member of the Institution of Valuers, as an approved Valuer for Immovable Property (Bombay/Mumbai Chapter), India. He also Emphasises on imparting Knowledge by way of Presentations and Seminars in the PEATA Events, IOV Events, Accommodation Times and Blue Shift Seminars

He is a key part of Greenlance Energy Management Team in Promotion of Solar Energy Feasibility and Strategic Innovation to provide the Best Models of Environmental Sustainability.